2016 Year of Reading

  2016 has been a year of reading for me mostly because of not being employed and living overseas but also because my love of books has been rekindled.  That being said I have also dove into some books the last few months that were not to my taste.  I didn't know I really had … Continue reading 2016 Year of Reading

The Codex Alera Book Review

It's been ages since I did a book review, you probably think I haven't been reading eh?  Not so, in fact I do have my GoodReads account pinned to the side panel if you are interested in what I'm reading at any given time (when I remember to update it hehe). 2015 had me reaching … Continue reading The Codex Alera Book Review

A Side Post on the Romance Novel Marathon

I'm tracking my reading on Goodreads as well as this blog and I will look at other people's reviews after I give mine.  (sometimes before I start the book).  My questions and thoughts on this are the following: 1. Why do some people feel the need to write a summary of the story as the … Continue reading A Side Post on the Romance Novel Marathon