2016 Year of Reading

Decided to keep this photo dark as it reflects most of my reading recently.


2016 has been a year of reading for me mostly because of not being employed and living overseas but also because my love of books has been rekindled.  That being said I have also dove into some books the last few months that were not to my taste.  I didn’t know I really had a taste as I tend to read different genre from mushy romance to Stephen King.  What I found I don’t enjoy is anything to do with child abuse of any kind.  If a story hints at it I don’t mind but when the author goes full on with descriptions and actions I just can’t.  Unfortunately, I had a string of books that ended up detailing such episodes and it rather ruined my reading mood for a bit. Along the same line, I’m not a big fan of animal abuse in books either though thankfully I haven’t come across that often.

If you follow my Goodreads (My Profile) you’ll see what I’ve been reading.  I’ve read some Romance; a bit of Sci Fi and some Fantasy; some Women’s Contemporary and Young Adult; a few Graphic Novels and a Poetry Collection; even a couple of Fairy Tale compilations.  Goodreads is a great site which helps me track what I’ve read and search out books as well as see recommendations from friends.  I can also do a review on a book which helps me in future searches when I run across one I already read and didn’t like, of course my opinion is not usually agreed to and opposing views are often given and usually in a rather rude manner but I kinda laugh that off.  Some people just don’t understand that every person has a different opinion on what they have read.  There is no fact on how good a book is.  It’s a personal opinion  and experience unless you are grading it by strict literary terms.  Some folks just need to lighten up about my direct and honest thoughts.

The story I am currently in the middle of has me thrown for a loop.  I’m not sure if I appreciate it or if I’m put off by it.  I’m reading it for one of my reading challenges for 2016, it falls in the category of “a book that was once banned”.  There were many to choose from but  Fanny Hill by  John Cleland caught my interest.  I am approaching the half way point and have been taken back the entire time I’ve read it with regard to the raw and very detailed nature of the sexual encounters of this woman.  When I read the blurb on it I thought it would be interesting to follow the story of a prostitute in the mid 18th Century but I had no idea what I signed up for!  I thought it would perhaps have sexual innuendo and hints especially due to it being written in the 1700’s but this reads like a pornographic movie and to be honest I’m not sure I will be going forward with it.  The first half has been so graphic I’m rather embarrassed reading it in the privacy of my own living room.  I can’t imagine what the second half has in store.  My goodness!

I’m hoping to finish out the year with a few softer, cozier reads or perhaps a good fantasy series to start, Sanderson has my interest but I’m a little cautious of his style, will give him a try at some point though.

The summary of my reading year comes down to this:  I’ve realized the hard-hitting and serious books are just not in my interest at this time in my life.  Reading to me is a pleasure and a relaxing time, I don’t want to be disturbed and disgusted by it.  Fantasy, Sci Fi and Historical Romance are more my nature for now.

The 2017 reading year will start with Harry Potter, I think.  I know I’m behind the times with not having read any of the books but I’m interested now and will give the first a try to see how it goes.  I’ll research a challenge or two as I did for 2016 and hope to delve into some epic fantasy series’ next year.  I’m sure there will be romance and maybe some easy contemporary (if I can find it without child rape) reading in between as I’m a sucker for a good heartwarming story.

Oh, before I forget, I BIG THANK YOU to the U.S. Navy for providing us a library on base and online.  Without them I would be spending way too much money on books.  Our savings account thanks you too.  🙂


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