Itches Of A Geek

There are two things I itch for periodically.

1.  A new Tattoo.  As most will tell you, they are addictive and I go in to full on itch for a new one often and I have a few ideas waiting to be dug into my skin forever.  Usually, I sit it out and wait for the itch to pass, otherwise I’d be covered by now and I only have four to date.


2. Gadgets – of the Technological variety.  I have an itch right now to get a tablet.  I don’t need one.  I have a laptop, a Kindle PaperWhite and a smartphone so I’m pretty well covered for portable computing but I desperately want a tablet!  Specially since I started blogging.  I wonder if it would mean I could blog while on the go more.  Or would it just be cumbersome to carry?  Might be great for trips, instead of lugging the gaming laptop I have around.  I’d love to be able to sit at a cafe’ with my tablet and a cappuccino and just enjoy the day. (which is also why I wanted the kindle – to read at a cafe’.  I’m twisted I know.)


Now that I’m working and have an income again, small as it is, the craving for these increases.  I know I should start putting some money away or use it for gifts for others, Christmas is just around the corner, but damnit!  I want !  I told my husband to use my paycheck to help pay down the credit card but he keeps saying, no it’s for you to use for your stuff.  Then I think well I should save for trip money, would be nice to go back to the states at some point in the next couple of years.  I also want a few pricey kitchen gadgets as well.   But, honestly how much is a tablet, $500?  doesn’t seem like that would cut too much in to my trip funds.  Not for long anyway…  Round and round I go!

5 thoughts on “Itches Of A Geek

  1. Here’s an idea — do what your husband asks, somewhat. Spend a little of what you make on yourself, but set a limit on that spending. Maybe make that limit the same each week, say $20-30. The rest set aside, maybe $20-40 a week, as a cash present for your husband — to pay towards the credit card. Or a weekend together in the city.

    Just a thought. Buy a cheap or used tablet if you need to scratch that itch.

    1. I am definitely doing a little of both. Spending on me and saving some. This tablet itch is going to get scratched though and I need a new one with all the yummy stuff. I hate getting new tech only to have it obsolete in a few months. I do plan to give him half my paycheck to help with the credit card debt and the other half will be for savings, investing maybe and fun/travel/gifts/etc. My birthday is in a couple of months, maybe I’ll get the tablet for myself to celebrate my existence on this planet.

      Thanks for the suggestions! It helps me to think things through when I have another perspective.

  2. Interesting to read about your itches.

    As you itch for a tattoo or a gizmo, is this really for yourself? Or could it be for ” showing up” in front of others in the image they hold of you?


    1. Both are things that I enjoy for myself. The tattoos I have are very meaningful to me. The gadgets are just fun for me. It has nothing to do with how others perceive me. In fact most of the tech things I have are not even seen by others except my husband of course. It isn’t a bragging thing.

      It is an interesting question. I am curious why you thought it might be so?

      Anyone who gets tattoos seeking approval from others should not get them.

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