2017 Reading Update

Wow I have read 50 books so far this year.  I’m pretty happy with that number although according to my Goodreads goal set for the year I’m 10 books behind schedule to make it to 100. Hmm So I should have made the 50 books statement back in June basically. haha

The goal is a loose one of course, I’m not in a panic to reach it but it would be kind of an achievement for me personally.

My reading this year has been pretty diverse I think, including Graphic Novels, Romance, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction, Classic Literature, Young Adult and Fairy tales.  I realized last year that Non-Fiction and Poetry are just not my thing.

Finishing out the year I am hoping to work through a couple of more epic fantasy series’ and with some luck I might get through all of the Harry Potter books.  I’ve only read the first one so far.

I added a couple of bookmarks to my collection:


The silver one is from Dublin and the magnetic clips are from the U.S.

Most of the reading this year has been on my Kindle but I brought back a few books from my trip to the states so I have been loving holding books again.  Funny moment yesterday while reading, I tapped the page to turn it instead of actually turning the page.  haha  Had to laugh out loud at myself on that, then I kinda felt sad about it.

Technology and the never-ending debate on e-reader vs. physical book.

My physical book TBR (to be read) stack looks like this:


On a sad reading note, there’s a book which I read many years ago and donated when we moved overseas that keeps coming up in my mind but I don’t recall the name of it or the author.  I’m in search of it but not really hopeful at this point.  It’s one of the romance novels I read which was rather inspiring and lovely but apparently I did not blog it for some reason.  Maybe some day I’ll run across it again.  #noregretsbutyesregrets

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