Montecassino Abbey

About an hour North of us is the small town of Cassino, Italy.  It’s about half way to Rome on the highway and a common train change station on the way to Rome.  If you walk out the train station and look up this is what you see:

Photo borrowed from TripAdvisor, I couldn’t find my photo of it from the train station.

Needless to say, we’ve been very curious about it for over a year now.  The Navy Base put together a tour of the Abbey so we jumped on it quickly.  Most of the Abbey has been reconstructed a few times after natural disasters and wars but this tour guide took us down to the guided only access areas that survived the bombs and such.  Some walls still standing are from pre-Christianity era.  I will link to their website so you can learn more, click here.

Some photos from our tour:

If you are curious, there is a lot of history surrounding this Abbey, for instance St. Benedict and his twin sister St. Scholastica are entombed here.  Please take a bit to scroll through the website.

This was a fantastic half a day trip including travel and we plan on going back to pay respects to the Polish cemetery and on top of the hill behind it is an obelisk we would like to check out.  We took the tour but it would be easy to go exploring without a guide, it’s very tourist friendly.

Plus, they have a mass every Sunday in Gregorian Chants which I may need to experience.

(Dad, this Abbey has a World War II connection you may find interesting,

click here for more on that)



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