End Of The Year

We haven’t been doing much in the way of travel in September/October so I don’t have any fun photos to share.

That doesn’t mean we have been just sitting around either.  The last month we have been dealing with some life things and working on plans for the last two months of the year.

The life things are centered around the husband’s military career and coming to terms with possibly retiring sooner than we had hoped.  If this happens there will be a lot to do and plan in 2018 but once again we are in limbo waiting for some things to happen before we know the course and timeline for the next phase of our life.

Oh and we’ve both been a bit down with a cold, nothing major but annoying.

The end of the year plans are shaping up to be pretty epic:

  • Beginning with a very quick trip stateside to meet our new and first Grandbaby.
  • Then we are planning a trip back to Prague to enjoy the beginning of the winter/holiday season.  We enjoyed it so much last year we are going again but on our own this time.  Warmed wine and mead, great food and a beautiful city.  We booked a street food tour which I am hoping will be amazing with wonderful and very different foods and we booked a tour of the glass factory which is supposed to be fabulous.  We are hoping to walk away with some glassware from there.
  • December will be a trip to Salzburg to check out what is supposed to be the best Christmas Market in Europe and we are booking a couple of tours there as well, haven’t decided which for sure yet.  (A hint:  the hills may be alive with the sound of music – haha!)
  • Then at the end of the year (fingers crossed) my step-daughter will be graduating from Air Force boot camp so we will be back stateside for that.

I am excited for the things to come and a little tired just looking at the schedule.

Our current want to go list for 2018:

  1. Edinburgh and Glasgow- Top of the list and we are working on this for March.
  2. Back to London but together this time.
  3. Gibraltar / Portugal
  4. Stuttgart (possibly) for Oktoberfest.
  5. Norway – This needs to happen, I want a tattoo while there.
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Slovakia – My family’s ancestral village, at least as far back as I’ve gotten so far.
  8. Back to Sicily for one last trip.
  9. Zurich may be an option for a long weekend but we also need to get to Venice, Florence and Northern Italy still.
  10. If we have time and money after all that we would love a road trip around Ireland.
  11. If we have time and money after all those we would like to go into the Highlands of Scotland.
  12. On the off chance we still have time and money we’d like to travel England as well, at least up to Hadrian’s wall.

Feel free to drop a suggestion in the comments if you know somewhere in Europe we should consider for a trip.  We still have a year but that feels short already with all we want to get in and with the husband working on his Master’s but I’m up for new ideas.


Side note:  I gave myself a reading goal for 2017 which was more just to track my reading than thinking or trying to get a specific amount read but I’m impressing myself with currently 73 books read this year.  My goal of 100 is in sight!

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