Same Shit, Different Day? Not this girl

I am happy to report that I don’t say “same shit, different day” often in my life.  Things are changing and I have been mixing new things into my life pretty consistently.  It’s one of the things I like about myself, when I’m in a good place within I am usually out finding things to check out, trying out new places and meeting new people.
The last few years were a different story altogether.  Since my brother’s death in 2005, I had become basically a hermit.  My boyfriend (husband now) was great about getting me out of the house for festivals and the like but if he didn’t bring it up, I was content just staying home and not facing the world.  In 2011 I had a very serious conversation with myself about where my life had gone and what I had pushed away.  Namely, my now husband.  We had split up and it was probably the best thing we could have done.  It gave me the time to face myself on my own terms and my health deteriorating had given me the shove I needed to wake up out of my six year slump.  It also gave him the opportunity to get involved with someone else which apparently in the end was what he needed to figure out that he wanted me back.

Since getting things back on track some, life has become much more interesting and I’m enjoying getting out and being a part of the world again.

2 thoughts on “Same Shit, Different Day? Not this girl

  1. Yep, one thing I’ve been pretty open to is change. I’m rather a gypsy at heart, moving somewhere new every 2-3 years (Navy wife) and love it to be honest. It’s the inner changes that can be scary for me but I’m learning to embrace those as well.

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