The Learning Push!

Ok the first week I picked up Japanese for Dummies I was full on with it but admittedly haven’t picked it up since.  I have been using the app during my workouts though so I do feel like I’m working on it slowly.  Recently, I learned how to form a question and a couple of new verbs and words.

We were informed if our orders do go through we’ll likely be moving earlier then originally thought so the push to absorb as much Japanese as possible is on!

I’m going to set a schedule down for a certain amount of study on the subject every day and enforce it.

Well except for the trip we have planned to San Francisco for a Highland Festival at the end of the month for a few days, hey it’s my birthday, I’m allowed a holiday!

Oh random Japan thingy I found, they have a fairly new music genre coming out of Japan the last several years called Visual Kei and it’s freaking awesome!  I can’t wait to see it live, so far the bands I’ve heard rock it the freak out!  One example is below.

This is Versailles – unfortunately they have announced they are splitting up but lets hope they change their minds!

the guitar rifts are epic, I have no idea what they are singing but it sounds wicked awesome to me.

check em out on youtube:  Versailles

5 thoughts on “The Learning Push!

  1. Good luck with learning Japanese! I wonder if there is a genre of ‘Japanese romance novels’ you could take on? 😉

  2. Thanks and LOL. There may be Japanese romance novels but I’m trying to cut down my library not increase it =D. From what I hear, living space in Japan is very limited.

  3. Visual Kei isn’t really a “new” genre of music in Japan. It’s been around for twenty or so years.

    Anyways … are you coming to Japan with the U.S. military?
    Where will you be stationed?

    Please check my blog.
    I’m an American who’s been living in Tokyo since 1990.

    1. Oh cool, I didn’t realize it has been around that long. New to me then. =)

      We are moving there at the end of February, yes we are Navy and will be stationed at Yokosuka. Right now we are slated for 3 years there.

      I’ll definitely check out your blog. Any tips you have for the move and settling in are welcome.


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