Japan or Bust

We have an update people!

Found out our tour in Japan will be 3 years, not 2!  Yes, this is super exciting as it will give us more time to experience the culture and I’m still hopeful of becoming completely fluent in Japanese before we leave so 3 years is better!

Also, I belong to a local meetup group for geeky women and one of them I met recently has intermediate knowledge of the language and offered to help me out so I’ll be more versed in it before we even get there.  I’m super stoked!

By the end of February 2013 we’ll be in Japan!  Now we just need to get the families together before then to have a nice little party, Mardi Gras style. 🙂  Did I mention my husband is a ragin cajun?

What an adventure we are about to take!

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