Book 60, 61, 62, 63: “Equal Opportunities”, “An Expert Teacher”, “Smoke in the Wind”, By Love Bewitched”

Penny Jordan’s “Equal Opportunities”

I admit to having a tough time with this one simply from the fail portrait on the front.  Shallow of me?  Yes, I found out that I enjoy a romance novel much better if the portrait of the main characters are attractive people and this one fell short.  If not attractive, let my imagination create them instead.

The story was ok, very unrealistic and difficult for me to imagine.

Penny Jordan’s “An Expert Teacher”

I liked the background story in this, of them spending secret time together when young then finding each other again.  Lovely and finally a storyline that I could actually see happening.  I do wish he’d kept his Irish accent though, for selfish reasons.

Robyn Donald’s “Smoke in the Wind”

Ok this one was difficult for me in the sense that I wanted to club the guy over the head on a couple of occasions.  What a horrible thing to do to someone and the author truly pulled it out to have a story come around to the point where her forgiving him was palatable.

That it evoked some emotional response from me gives testament to the story.

Violet Winspear’s “By Love Bewitched”

I had a hard time with this one.  To find romance out of forced sex is a stretch for me.  True that it was implied that she did respond to him some but she definitely felt violated.  Add to that the age gap and it was a difficult story to embrace.

The next book is Joanna Mansell’s “Illusion of Paradise”


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