My May Day

Today, May 1st, is Beltane in Pagan calendars.  This is the day we celebrate fertility, abundance and the longer days of summer among other things.   It is the time in the harvest where we fertilize and nurture the seeds we have planted, shed sunlight on them but tending them so not to dry out.

Today, May 1st, is the first day of my new employment.  This position fell into my lap as if it was destined, I could not turn away from it.  For 20 hours per week I am working in an office which helps financially distressed families in the Navy get the food they need and education to help nurture their children.  I am putting myself in a position to work daily with infants and children in which I am hoping to be able to bring a smile to some faces.  This is somewhat challenging for me, as I haven’t spent much time with small children since living at my parents house some 25 years ago and not having children of my own by choice.  There will be crying, screaming and wailing sometimes and forcing myself to deal with this situation will help to nurture the seed I planted at Imbolc.

“This year I will be open to the humanity in all people and will honor myself with a firm foundation on which to build myself.”

Today, May 1st, I fertilize, water and let the sun shine on the change I wish to see within myself and with this I hope to hold my head up higher and walk straighter knowing I am making a difference.

Tonight, May 1st, I will make one of my favorite dishes, green chile casserole.  I haven’t had this in years and this will be my celebration dinner for Beltane.  I will also work my first ritual in this apartment and smudge the home.  Giving new energy and life to my spirituality, which has been fairly dormant lately.

Last night, April 30th, I asked my husband for some time to myself so he went out for dinner.  Tonight, I will refocus and reconnect with him on our life together and discuss how our relationship is progressing.



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