Geeking Out For A Minute

Tomorrow morning marks the end of an era.

A few years ago I started playing Perfect World an online game.  When I started I played the international version but it got to be too big and ran slow so a few of us migrated over to a smaller, private server…PW Europe and immediately joined the guild Origins.  This guild ended up becoming the largest, most powerful on the server and for a time my main character was made Vice Guild Master, which was fun for a while but became too stressful so I stepped her down to regular player.


Shortly after that the Guild Master decided to disband and level the playing field on the server again.  Many were devastated by this but my friends that I migrated from PWI with and I decided to start our own guild and since I was the more active player and more well known I took the Guild Master spot and we started building our guild.

These are two friends but not the ones I started the guild with. I don’t have a screen shot with those two.

This was a lot of fun, recruiting players and doing all kinds of runs, building a web site for it.  Fun times!  Then my two friends backed off the game for health and time constraint reasons and I was basically left to run the guild and choose officers to help. We quickly became a popular guild and quite large.

All of this was happening while I was hiding away trying to deal with the death of my brother and a relationship with my boyfriend that was not healthy.  Because of these, I hid myself in the game and it slowly picked away at our life together.  So, a decision was made to back off the game and resign my position in my guild, giving it to my Vice GM who has mostly run it since then.  Then my health became an issue and I backed out of the game altogether.    He and a couple of his officers have kept me in the loop and I would help with decisions and give advice on how to handle something.  Logging in only now and then.


This last week, my GM informed me he needed to step down and we decided to disband rather than let the guild deteriorate and fall apart as they typically do when a change in command happens.

And so, tonight he will log in and kick almost everyone out, give me lead and call it a day.  Tomorrow morning when I log on I will be back as GM (called Leader now) and only a few people will remain.  It will go from 200 players to maybe 5.  The epic Solstice will basically be no more…a shell.  It’s been a great run and honestly I’m damn proud that what I created ended up being the most powerful guild on the server and I think the most respected as well.  I actually had a real money offer to buy the guild from me for $500 haha!

I have mixed emotions about this closure.  Part of me is removed from it all because I really haven’t played in over a year and you know, it’s just a game but part of me is kinda sad cuz I put a lot of energy and some money into creating this and it’s folding up.  We shall see what the future of Solstice is.

Peace out my guildees, wherever you may go.

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