I have been away from the blog a bit mostly due to my step-daughter visiting but I’m back and will have new posts soon.

Lately, I haven’t run into any super interesting words to post about.  Leave it to Aussa’s blog to step up, well one of her followers (Anonymous) left a comment that had a fantastic new word in it (new to me that is).  It is entirely possible that I have never heard this word before, this is a great day!

Without further delay, I give you:


From webster.com:


verb \(ˌ)pər-ˈlin, ˈpər-ˌ\

: to take (something that belongs to someone else)

Full Definition of PURLOIN

transitive verb
:  to appropriate wrongfully and often by a breach of trust
pur·loin·er noun

Examples of PURLOIN

  1. <the studio stepped up security, fearing that someone might attempt to purloin a copy of the script for the show’s season finale>

Origin of PURLOIN

Middle English, to put away, misappropriate, from Anglo-French purluigner to prolong, postpone, set aside, from pur- forward + luin, loing at a distance, from Latin longe, from longus long
First Known Use: 15th century

From Google Search:








There is also an example here, page 304 giving the Etymology.


Hope you enjoyed learning or perhaps just being reminded of Purloin.  Say it out loud, it just sounds cool don’t you agree?



12 thoughts on “Purloin

  1. Purloin…purloin…puurrloin…purlooiin…yeah, roles off the tongue (keyboard?) nicely, I shall try to work into something today. Thanks

          1. It’s an EAP short story…one of the three or four, I forget, mystery stories. Won’t take you long and you can probably get it online

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