May 2017 Adventures

May was full of adventure and visitors.

We ventured south to the Amalfi Coast recently to enjoy the amazing scenery, perfect weather and inspiring cuisine and to scope out the drive before our visitors arrived.  Amalfi Coast lives up to the hype, it’s stunning and the roads are narrow, windy and a bit scary specially on a big tour bus.

The next week our friends flew in which took us to Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Capri and finally Rome and a couple of weeks later family came for a visit which had us returning to many of the same but no complaints here!  May was such a whirlwind I can’t even remember everything that happened so I’ll just share some photos of the truly breathtaking scenery.   I’ll apologize for the lack of food photographs, it was so good I dove right in and You Gotta Go to Know because photos don’t do any of this justice.

(Full disclosure, I haven’t touched up any of these photos, the colors are true)

First, Pompeii:


Amalfi Coast:




Shout out to Lo Zodaico and Cioccolato, our server (yes that really is his name).  Great experience!


Also, shout out to the hotel in Capri, it was a stunning and incredibly comfortable boutique hotel with a very gracious staff.  Hotel Relais Maresca.  The balcony photo above is the rooftop terrace room.  Amazing!

We did spend a bit of time in Rome as well but that will be it’s own post.  We toured The Vatican and took a night tour of The Colosseum.  Awesome trip.

Big thanks to our visitors in Italy.  We have thoroughly enjoyed having you visit and allowing us to share some of our favorite things and exploring new ones together.   You were lovely house guests and fun, enthusiastic travel partners.


I’m off on a new adventure tomorrow that has me a little nervous but very excited.  Will post about that when I return.

Wishing everyone peace and love.





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