Book 54: “Satan’s Island”

Sally Wentworth’s “Satan’s Island” My only complaint on this one is that the photo on the front does not fit the description of the guy in the book.  He should be much broader.  Otherwise, an exciting story with a lot of turns but the sadistic side of me wishes it kind of would have ended … Continue reading Book 54: “Satan’s Island”

Book 53: “Reasons of the Heart”

Susan Napier’s “Reasons of the Heart” All around good story.  From the background of the two to them meeting again and the odd circumstances of it to the inevitable fall in love, this book was fun and exhilarating to read.  One of the few Harlequin's I kind of wish there was a sequel to. The … Continue reading Book 53: “Reasons of the Heart”

Book 52: “Jenny’s Turn”

Vanessa Grant’s “Jenny’s Turn” Another one where I'd like to strangle the two characters because it would all be solved easily if they just spoke up instead of playing games.  A decent story but I find it hard to believe a man would go to that extent after 5 years. The next book is:  Susan … Continue reading Book 52: “Jenny’s Turn”

Book 49 “Dishonourable Intentions”

I'm powering through these short Harlequin books now! Sally Wentworth’s “Dishonourable Intentions” I pictured this male main character to look like Tom Selleck =D  ... Classic tale of man determined to have sex, woman determined to have love.  A part of me wished this story ended differently.  Without giving away the end I will say, … Continue reading Book 49 “Dishonourable Intentions”

Book 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

I read the following on my Holiday trip to Louisiana: Taylor Caldwell’s:  “Maggie-Her Marriage” This book was written in the 1950's and you can tell.  It was so blah and hard to get through.  For a short book it took a lot longer to read then I thought it would.  I pushed through it. Emma … Continue reading Book 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

Book 42: “The Flight of the Kestrel”

Margaret Abbey’s “The Flight of the Kestrel” Another twist on the good pirate type story.  The author created a graceful, lovely character who I really hoped would have a happy ending.  I liked the tie in with Queen Elizabeth as well, fun. The next book is:  Taylor Caldwell's:  "Maggie-Her Marriage"

Book 41: “The Snow Image”

Maggi Charles’ “The Snow Image” This is one of my favorite beginnings to a romantic story that I've come across.  I always remember how this one starts out.  Also, the idea of the sexy librarian is provocative. I have read most of the romance novels in my little collection now with mostly only the smaller … Continue reading Book 41: “The Snow Image”