Book 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

I read the following on my Holiday trip to Louisiana:

Taylor Caldwell’s:  “Maggie-Her Marriage”

This book was written in the 1950’s and you can tell.  It was so blah and hard to get through.  For a short book it took a lot longer to read then I thought it would.  I pushed through it.

Emma Darcy’s “Mistress of Pillatoro”

Loved this story.  It seemed rich with ambiance and intrigue.  A very adult kind of romance.  The main female character was strong but with vulnerability and the two main men were wonderful.

Mary Wibberley’s “Gold to Remember”

Oh fun! Stowing away as a boy and knowing she’d be found out eventually played my imagination well although I think the main male character was a bit dim-witted in not figuring it out sooner.  I did laugh at his confusion about his attraction.   A storybook type ending was lovely.

Penny Jordan’s “Substitute Lover”

A sad back story but I found myself truly rooting for her to be triumphant in the end which, of course, she was.

Laura Parker’s “Dangerous Company”

Wonderfully written mystery, action and romance I hoped would come about.  This is the kind of novel that feeds my looney romantic heart.

The next book is: Marta Perry’s “Restless Hearts”

I got this book free with the purchase of something, hadn’t bothered reading it till now. 🙂


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