After Holiday Calm Before The Storm


Well the holidays are almost behind us, just New Years to go then its the mad rush to get everything together before the end of January when we will be turning into pumpkins homeless and on our way to moving to Japan.

So for the next couple of days I plan to relax, fully.  No halvesies on this.  Come January 1st the To Do List will be:

  1. Finish reading the romance novels, I have only the Harlequin books to do now so it should go fast.
  2. Visit family and friends in the area:  JoAnn, Kelly, Ana Lisa, Pat, Father Peter, Karen, Judy/Peter and possibly Uncle Michael and Mellunnee if they are in town before we leave.
  3. Sort through what we have in storage and figure out what we are getting rid of, what we are taking with us and what we will have them put in storage. Oh and what we are storing with family.
  4. Set up with movers (this will hopefully be set up tomorrow)
  5. Go through the entire apartment and sort out what we want to expedite, what will go regular shipment, what will go to storage and what will go to family to hold.
  6. Pick up a passport wallet.
  7. Figure out what we need to do to schedule our flight, get itinerary and pick up government passport.
  8. Get reservations for navy lodge for the last week of January.
  9. Use as much of the ammo as we can (shooting range people shooting range!), what remains will go to family in Louisiana.
  10. Schedule stop mail or see if Sarah will forward mail for us.
  11. Check on cell phone plans for Japan and overseas rates >.<
  12. Add the parents to our insurance for the car and truck so they can drive them.
  13. Pack my intimate things that I don’t want grubby movers touching.
  14. Return the propane tank to the exchange – we can’t move that.
  15. Make sure I have 2 months of meds.
  16. Do some meditating and soul searching for Feb 2nd Imbolc planting.
  17. Oh and plan our wedding reception >.< which is scheduled for Feb 10th in Louisiana.
  18. Update this list often cuz I’m sure I haven’t listed everything!


Updated, marking off things that are completed. 🙂

4 thoughts on “After Holiday Calm Before The Storm

  1. If practicing your spiritual “side” is still on the list for 2013 (I found you through the Lunatics blog), then Japan is probably the perfect place for this. Maybe you’ll fall in love with the zafu while there. Have a great 2013.

    1. Thank you! Happy New Year to you too and yes I’m looking forward to cultivating my spiritual health in Japan. I think it will be an amazing opportunity. What is the zafu?

      1. The zafu, my friend, is a meditation cushion. I am making a huge assumption that meditation will be part of your spiritual journey, but maybe it will not. Your truest self is available through silence and action. Safe travels.

        1. I have been meditating for some time, just didn’t know the term, I don’t have the cushion. 🙂 I have a hard time getting to full meditation so hopefully Japan will help me in that respect. Maybe the zafu will help. Thank you for the info.

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