Hong Kong Holiday

Our final big, outside Japan trip for the time we have left in this beautiful country we decided on Hong Kong for Christmas week.  The husband had spent a short time there while deployed many years ago and wanted to go back for a longer stay to explore more and lets be honest - he … Continue reading Hong Kong Holiday

Monkeying Around

I've been procrastinating the blog thing, not sure why but here we go! Solstice/Christmas time was amazing! It was pleasantly cold enough to wear coats, gloves and scarves which made it feel even more magical.  Originally, our plan this year was to go to the Sapporo Ice Festival which is a long trip up North … Continue reading Monkeying Around

Opera and Steel

What started out as a concert and overnight stay at the hotel in Tokyo became so much more.  The husband originally was going to go up with me on Monday afternoon, see the concert, spend the night then head home Tuesday but his work interrupted that plan and we adjust accordingly.  He could no longer … Continue reading Opera and Steel