If you read my intro you’ll know my husband and I are likely moving to Japan next year, if all goes as planned.  Well, for the last couple of years I have been wanting to get a dog but kept it mostly to myself until recently.  We were walking at the dog beach and came by these two puggles that stole my heart.  So, we began the discussion of should we start seriously looking at finding a puggle (pug and beagle mix) of our own and decided it was worth it to do so.  Would you believe the Humane Society literally two blocks away has two up for adoption?

I met Jiffy two days ago and she stole my heart.  As soon as my husband got home from work we walked over so he could meet her.  We decided to adopt her but wanted to wait till the next day so we could dog proof the apartment first.

That evening we did some more research on what it would take to bring a dog to Japan, since that is likely going to be the case next year, and the process is unbelievably difficult.  Not only will they need to quarantine her for an unknown amount of time but a lot of the housing in Japan is not dog friendly so we would be hard pressed to find a rental that would allow our newest family member. 😦

We slept on the situation.

In the morning we discussed it and agreed solemnly that bringing Jiffy to Japan would simply be too much to take on.  In addition to this, our landlord here would charge us a deposit and an additional $50 per month to have a pet.  I’ve never heard of increasing rent for a pet!

So, we did not adopt her.

Some may think this not a big deal I suppose, but for me it has been rather devastating, I hate to admit.  I feel like we really let Jiffy down and I don’t know what to do about this.  I haven’t had a pet in 20 years because I know I get emotionally attached.  Becoming attached to a dog we didn’t even bring home is obnoxious.  I’m hoping this will subside quickly, not entirely sure what to do with these feelings.  It’s as though we got her hopes up for the adoption then didn’t follow through and now she’s sitting there wondering why we didn’t return for her.  I feel like we failed her.

I’m truly sorry and hope we didn’t do any further damage to this rescued animal.

I posted a photo of her. 🙂

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