Weeding the filth out of the library

I have a bit of a collection of romance novel type books mostly from my early 20’s that have been gathering dust so I have recently decided it’s time to weed them out.

The plan is to read each book one more time then either sell or donate them, hopefully not keeping too many back but it’s inevitable that I will hold a few back as I have actually quite enjoyed the storyline of some of them. Yes I’m that geeky.

The first book is finished.  Erich Segal’s “Acts of Faith”

While not really a romance novel it is one that will be leaving our nice little library.  An interesting viewpoint of a few very different religions and the interactions of one quirky character from each faith.  The author very obviously spent a lot of time researching the faiths and went very in depth into them.  I certainly appreciated that aspect and enjoyed the story for the most part.





Tonight I started Danielle Steel’s “The Ranch”





By the way, my reviews will be basic as I don’t believe in giving away stories in the reviews. =)

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