Health Update

In September 2011 after falling into a bit of a depression I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes – type 2 and low vitamin D . Not a complete shock since all of these tend to run in the family even though none of us are obese, though my being overweight and out of shape is likely what kicked my issues into high gear.

After almost a year I am semi happy to report that with exercising an average of 5 times per week and with some medication and supplements I have the vitamin D deficiency under control and the blood pressure is normal. The cholesterol is a work in process though I took a home test last week and it is still high but not off the charts like it was. Until then, the doctor could not get an accurate reading because it was so high. The diabetes is slowly working itself out but not as quickly as I wish. My fasting numbers are down about 10-15 points since last month but I’m still coming in over 115. I’m hoping in the next few months to have that under 115. Friends keep telling me it takes time to get the numbers lowered but I’m so impatient.

The hardest part is trying to change the diet to cut out the heavy carbs and minimize sugars. Likely I’ll need to cut more out but it’s really difficult for me. I love meat and breads – even whole wheat breads are ok but with the numbers still high I’m wondering if I need to cut those down as well.

We’ll see how the next couple of months go.

I’m taking fish oil and a prescription for the cholesterol though I stopped taking the statin the doctor added because I was experiencing some side effects.  I am hoping the addition of the fish oil and possibly Niacin (considering adding this) will keep the cholesterol in check.

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