Worry Wort

Recently, with my health issues taking precedence in my life I decided to start this blog away from the all seeing eyes of my friends and family on Facebook so I can express myself without the concern of someone reading me wrong, etc.   Not to mention, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to put anything serious on Facebook – I’m not sure why, perhaps that is a thought for another blog down the road. =P Maybe time to whittle down my friends list. 

I realize that every one of my family and friends may find my blog and honestly I hope they read and enjoy it and not find anything to take offensively, but if they do it is because of the eyes they are using not the keys I am typing on.

There is a characteristic within me which I find difficult to comprehend and address.  I am a ridiculously avid worry wort and it has added to my health problems.  I used to think that it was mostly the bit of weight I’d put on and the hermit I became but recently while keeping track of my blood pressure it has become increasingly apparent that when someone I care for is having a difficult time, my bp goes up.

I’ll admit this scares me a little.  How do you not worry about someone you care for?  Or better yet, how do you worry without it effecting you physically?

So, while I’m here working on my health, not working so my stress level stays low, I still have this to contend with.

Admittedly, the bp isn’t hitting warning levels yet but avoiding that is the goal.

My current worries:

  • My friend with heart issues acting up again
  • A few friends with health issues they are working on
  • A friend who is wonderful but alone
  • Family issues
  • A friend who is in a nasty divorce case
  • My husband’s son who doesn’t call
  • Another friend who is wonderful but alone

That’s all I can come up with at 2:00 am but I’m sure there’s more.

2 thoughts on “Worry Wort

  1. First off, I know what you mean about family/friends taking what you write the wrong way. It, unfortunately, happens more easily than some people think. I’ve already had to deal with that blow … it feels as though I have to argue for my right to write freely.
    Second, I can understand the worrying. Hell, I’ve been on so many anti-anxiety meds. I have so many fears … most are completely irrational (but it doesn’t make them any less powerful). Something that has really helped me (since I am also a hermit), is forcing myself to get outside and walk. I don’t know, it tunes you out sort of. And also, since I don’t take meds anymore, when the fears come up I just fight like hell to tell myself to stop thinking about them. Sorry you have all of these worries, and I hope they sort themselves out soon.

  2. I was a hermit last year and will say coming out of that and getting outside has helped a lot. I think the hardest thing I deal with regarding the worry is that I don’t necessarily know it’s happening right away. After some time I’ll realize I’m feeling it, sometimes it isn’t until the threat of whatever has me concerned is over before I recognize how worried I truly was over it. Can be a vicious circle, this life. =P
    I’m glad to hear you are off the meds and have it managed to some extent.

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