Book Six: “Yesterday”

Fern Michaels’ “Yesterday”

Not what I would typically consider a romantic novel, in fact it is rather dark and has sad undertones throughout.  An interesting story with a satisfying end.  I will pass this book on though I did enjoy it.

The characters growing up together under such odd circumstances and the author taking us along as they mature and realize things are not quite as they seemed was a great trip.

There are moments of romantic tones that seem to take a back seat to everything else going on and we come to realize those tones were the real story all along.
Next is: Irene Radford’s “Guardian of the Balance”




After giving this some thought I am pulling “Guardian of the Balance” off the Romance book list.  It is more of an Arthurian legend, not a romance in my mind.

In it’s stead I am now reading: Nora Roberts’ “Heart of the Sea”

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