Movie Rage Fit

AARGH!  I have a gripe!!!

Went to see Expendables 2 and we decided to stay and watch Avengers after it.  We went in at about 9:50, show time was 10:15.  Sat down in an uncleaned theater and the commercials started at about 10:00.  I’m guessing it was about 10:20 the previews started which went until 11:00.  Finally the movie got going.

What the hell is that about?  Run the damn previews before the start time ffs!  We could have been out of the movie at 12:30  instead we sat there till 1:30 am to see the entire movie. oh they did come in to sweep and take trash out about 10 min before the movie started at least.

This is unacceptable to me.  When did we get so complacent with advertising?  Does the theater actually expect me to believe the $10-$14 tickets and outrageous food/drink rates don’t cover the expenses of the theater so they just need to sell to advertisers?  We need to stand up against this.  My time is valuable, specially at 1:00 am.  Even if they limit it to only the prep time before the movie time is better than what I sat through last night.  If it’s set to start at 10:15, start the damn movie at 10:15!  Not to mention a lot of it is repeated while we sit there.  I don’t need a coke commercial blared at me 3 times in 20 minutes.

Ok I’m done.

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