Book 17: “Warrior’s Song”

Catherine Coulter’s “Warrior’s Song”

My guilty pleasure in a romance novel.  Castles, Knights, Ladies, defiance, love.  I’m a sucker for a good story about a tom-boy who is forced out of her comfort zone, specially in the old England time period.

Granted, some of the words and phrases used by Ms. Coulter in the story would not have been used in that time but I give her that concession.  I’m pretty sure the term son of a bitch wasn’t used at Camelot.

There is one point where the story jumps and leaves me wanting a bit, not sure how they get from him completely cutting her down and deciding not to have anything else to do with her straight to being on a ship bound for war with her in tow.  Later you find out a bit why she joined him but still, I wish it was handled better.

I loved the final fight scene, brilliantly fun and exciting to read.

The next book is: Sue Miller’s “For Love”

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