Book 18: “For Love”

Sue Miller’s “For Love”

Was extremely painful to read.  The amount of reminiscing she does in this story is just too much to take.  I had to force myself to finish this book, at about half way I wanted to throw it from my balcony.  Even the one sex scene felt disjointed and rather unfeeling.  Indulgent in her own past and after all this book takes you through she still doesn’t come to her husband in a passionate AND loving way, rather in a way that she feels he is her best option so why not.

I am tense and want to shake this character until she wakes the hell up and recognizes she isn’t living fully.

Because the above was so disappointing and painful, I’ve chosen the next book to be light and hopefully fun if I remember correctly.  It is Eugenia Riley’s: “Rogue’s Mistress”


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