The Guilt Trip Lunch

A follow up to The Guilt Trip Fail.

So, lunch with “Aunt Pat” went better then I feared it might.  She didn’t lay the guilt on about me not contacting her more.

I was a little irritated about a few things – she didn’t like my hair and said so, was surprised when I walked up saying she was expecting a skinny blonde girl – I said, well that was a long time ago (25 years or so since I’ve seen her).  After we were chatting a bit she actually asked me which of my brothers it was that died, said she wasn’t sure and hadn’t discussed it much with Mom.  Then she asked how he died, didn’t know.  She asked if I would consider letting my hair go back to natural color and I said no because natural is half silver now.  She was surprised so I said well, it’s been a rough time for me, specially 2005 (when he died).

So, to sum up, she’s been a superficial “best friend” to my mother because she had zero details about much of the turmoil and only a few details about current family events (by the way she is Godmother to my younger brother as well, hasn’t seen or been in contact with him either).  She didn’t know about Dad’s stent surgery either and she admitted to having had no contact with her other Godchild (my younger brother) except that he contacted her at some point to bring his family by to visit which she turned down because her husband was so ill.

She handed me a memorial card from my Godfather’s funeral last year and proceeded to tell me that if I want to get rid of it I have to burn it because the Virgin Mary was captured on the back side of it. Really? Why the hell would I want to throw away the ONLY thing I have ever received of my Godfather?

Oh and she thought I was 36 years old.

Then she gave me a card with $200 inside as a wedding gift. =P

Well, my obligation to visit with her is fulfilled for now.  If she wants further contact when I’m not actually in San Diego anymore she’ll have to reach out through email because we won’t be easy to contact by phone in Japan.

Peace out Pat.

(absolutely off topic:  I’ve had a strange sleeping habit lately, I find it difficult some nights to sleep in my own bed and end up on the couch.  Not sure what that’s about.  Anyone care to psychoanalyze that ?)

2 thoughts on “The Guilt Trip Lunch

  1. Isn’t it nice when a meeting with ridiculous relatives ends in money? It’s like the silver lining to crappy family. And I don’t think there’s anything to psychoanalyze… couches are comfy in a different way than beds. You know, like sometimes you want ice cream and sometimes you want pie. Both are delicious.

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