Week 2 in Japan

This week did not turn out the way we planned but I’m not complaining.  The plan was:

  • Friday: we pass the written portion of the driving test, go into town and have sushi!
  • Saturday/Sunday: explore a LOT, get train swipey thingies and go visit the husband’s co-workers for a bbq or whatever.
  • Monday/Tues: move in to apartment days and set up utilities, get everything sorted out for living here.  Visit the gym and get on a workout routine.
  • Wednesday: doctor appointment to get me in their system and start looking for a job
  • Thursday: wives meetup coffee/tea thingy and/or head into town to play with new friends made.
  • Friday: we take our road driving test and go celebrate being settled.

What it has ended up being:

  • Friday: I pass the written portion, husband does not so he has to take it again, the not feeling fabulous on Thursday turns into Full on COLD symptoms that knock us both out.
  • Saturday/Sunday:  Pretty much bedridden, both of us.  We did manage to move our baggage into the apartment at least ( we picked up the key Friday)
  • Monday: Move few more things to apartment and do some shopping for first groceries, etc.  Husband manages to get phone line going.   We are still dying sick but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I had to sit and wait for the manager to do the walk thru and for our borrowed furniture delivery.
  • Tuesday: Move ourselves to the apartment officially.  Wait for delivery of expedited property.  (keep this part on the down low) –>I did have an interview for a position that my husband’s co-worker’s wife oversees and am hopeful to get it.  It’s perfect for me, close by, part time, front desk so I will be interacting with people and sounds like very little stress.  Nice pay too.  I just hope they don’t pass me up because I’m an old spinster over qualified.  I don’t want a challenging corporate job let alone a full time one, my health still needs to be first until I have the diabetes reversed – then I can consider full time employment again.  Cold is almost gone.
  • Today:  Doctor appt at 2:00.  I was going to run to the post office to see about getting us on the waiting list for a box and check out the gym finally but yesterday we had a puddle of water on the kitchen counter that had engineers out to look at and they are supposed to return but we don’t know when so I’m sitting here waiting for a call that may not come till tomorrow or Friday for all I know.  Oh, the phone service here doesn’t offer voice mail so we have to go buy an answering machine which they don’t carry at the Navy Exchange so we’ll have to go try to find one in town and the T.V. we expedited didn’t have the power cord with it so we are trying to find one here.  Feeling ok, a little cough and gunk in the nose but not bad.
  • Thursday:  coffee/tea still on schedule, we’ll see what else comes up –  maybe go do the gym/post office thing if not done yet. lol  I fully intend to feel great this day!
  • Friday:  I take the road driving portion of the test and hopefully get my license here but honestly I’m freaking scared as hell to drive here, the rules are many and the punishment harsh.  The basic idea is if you are driving and in an accident you are to blame.  If another car hits you but they have more damage you are to blame.  If a pedestrian walks in front of your car and you hit them, you are to blame….and so on.  Hoping to go into town for sushi with the husband today since he can’t eat meat on Fridays till Easter.

All in all the troubles have been minor and the apartment we got so quickly is really lovely. I can’t complain at all.  We have at least 3 years to explore Japan so if we don’t get out much the first couple of weeks I’m ok with that.  I’d rather get ourselves sorted out then go have fun. 🙂

On a personal note, my fingernails need help and my hair will need another dose of black soon, the part I used to have fun colors on is turning a dark green. lol  After I get the job mentioned above I’ll ask if they mind fun hair, if ok I’ll look into more fun colors.  =P

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