Directness to a Fault

I can’t think of a time in my life where I wasn’t as direct as possible in communicating.  Often, there is praise for it and people seem to appreciate it even though sometimes it’s dripping with sarcasm =P  it just sneaks out.   Sometimes, I’ll fully admit, my ability to communicate my thoughts hits a wall and it’s like I’m speaking in tongue.

Then there are times when it’s not appreciated.  I’ve just never been the type of person to blow smoke up anyone’s ass, no fluffy bunnies dancing around my feet or sparkly rainbows coming out of my ears.  Tell it like it is, clarify when needed and straighten people out who perhaps have incorrect data or tunnel vision on a topic I may happen to know a little more about.  It can come out a little rough, maybe I need to soften my delivery?  I sometimes wonder if I should maybe not say what I am thinking, then I laugh and think, why hell should I do that?  =D

On the flip side, I completely love hearing other people’s perspectives, specially on subjects I’m uninformed on or perhaps on the fence about.  Bring it. =)  But expect me to bring my side too.  I appreciate differing views.  Please, give me something to think about.  If I say something you have a thought about, say it!  I want to know.

Regarding the blog, while I am using it more like a journal I do hope people will speak up in the comments if they have a thought and specially if they have info or a different perspective or if they feel my post warrants further thought/discussion.

I don’t want a bunch of yes people to pat my back on every post, unless that is your true feeling on it. 🙂

Peace out. =P

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