Diana’s Music Appreciation Month


Silence is usually the order of the day when I’m alone.  I am not usually one to play music while online or in the background at home though I don’t mind it at all if the husband puts it on.  It’s just not normally something I think of during the day.  The conclusion I just came to is that to me playing music while with other people seems a bit rude unless it’s a very low volume, otherwise we have to yell at each other to have a conversation.  A bit Grandmotherish of me I suppose but there it is. If someone wanted to hear what I have to say they wouldn’t be playing music loudly.  Of course, this does not apply if we are in a club or bar.

Since the husband went to visit his kids earlier this month I have started playing music on the computer while I blog, facebook, etc.  In fact, when my husband came home he was rather surprised to hear music coming from my room.

I have always been all over the place with music appreciation.  Pop, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Electronica, Classical, Techno, Jazz, Rock, Indie, Chant/Meditation, Southern Rock, Cajun/Creole/Zydeco.  The genres I tend to avoid are Country and Rap, and R&B though I like Blues I just don’t tend to put it on.

Internet-radio.com has become a constant companion the last 4 weeks.  The first few days I was listening to Dance then moved to Electronica and eventually put on Jazz and am now in my Classical stage.  I think I’ll leave the Heavy Metal/Rock for working out and the random day of gaming I get in.  I think next in order may be Indie but I’m still enjoying classical for now.

There is a soothing calm that comes from music which until now I think mostly evaded me.  Of course, I’m not referring to the harder genres but I reserve those for workouts as stated above oh and they are good for cross country moving too.

What do you hear when you are blogging?


4 thoughts on “Diana’s Music Appreciation Month

  1. I’m the silence type, too, and feel the same way about trying to have a conversation with music blaring in the background. I feel the same way about the TV. Sometimes I walk into the living room and hubby has the TV on, music coming from the computer, and he’s playing a game. Boggles the mind.

    1. Maybe that’s why I’ve had trouble blogging lately. Didn’t consider that yet. I’ll try it without music again, see if that’s better.

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