Vacation Japan Style-Part 1

I have been away from the blog for a couple of weeks due to a visit from one of my very favorite people.  She arrived on May 15th and stayed for 9 days.  We introduced her to our part of Japan and everything we love about it.

We introduced her to some of our favorite food here to which she exclaimed she is ruined on sushi and curry forever now:

  • Japanese Curry: is so amazingly delicious, it is made with one sauce but you can add many proteins and veggies to choose from.
  • Indian Curry:  Equally delicious but in a different way, they have different flavors of curry sauce and different proteins and vegetables to choose from, also the naan is a bit different.
  • Sushi-Go-Round:   Sushi on a conveyor belt..need I say more?
  • Lunch/Dinner Sets:  small servings of several different Japanese dishes.  Such as soba noodles, tempura, stewed vegetables, sashimi, miso soup, etc.
  • 7/11 for grab and go bites to tide us over.
  • Grocery store pastries:  the pastries here are ridiculously good and inventive.
  • Tiny shops hidden and often serving amazing food.
  • Stuffed Omelet:  Omelet over a rice mixture and usually topped with an amazing gravy.
  • Shabushabu:  meat and veggies in a common boiling broth bowl.  Yum!


Indian Curry and Stuffed Naan
Sushi Go Round








Dinner Set
Dinner Set
Lunch Set








Stuffed Omelet








We went to Yokohama to meet up with a friend and grab some dinner.  After dinner we went up the Ferris Wheel and had a fun time chatting and laughing.


yokohama fun park








We took her to the Yunessun hot spring spa in Hakone:

Fantastic View of Mt. Fuji on the drive up.







Before we got wet..hah!
The first spa when you enter.








These were three teas..regular, milk tea and lemon tea.
Then we went to have our feet nibbled on by fish. They eat dead skin. was weird.










This was the Coffee Spa. Very awesome!
The Red Wine Spa…Yum! (no you don’t drink the water, ew)










The Green Tea spa – it was VERY green.
The Charcoal spa, very relaxing.








We went to Tokyo to see The Brian Setzer Orchestra in concert then the next day exploring the Sensoji Temple, we took rickshaws to the Temple, that was fun!  The concert was great, the temple was lovely and a great start to the following days of exploring Kamakura and finally Kurihama to see Flower World in bloom and Godzilla.

BrianSetzerTokyoKannonTemple14 SkyTreeRickshawTokyo






I am just giving a quick glimpse of what we did, leave a comment if you want more information, description and/or photos of any of our explorations.  I’m happy to expound upon any of it and honestly may do so anyway on another post.  The past 2 weeks have been a spiritually rewarding and amazing time in my life.

Part 2 will be about the second half of the vacation to include Kamakura exploring and Kurihama.



8 thoughts on “Vacation Japan Style-Part 1

    1. The guest room is available except in July (and if the husband says no way we dont know that Aussa blogger person) .. just give me a couple weeks notice. 😀

    1. Yes we did but there is so much more to see/do here. She needs to return for another 10 days so we can do sumo wresting, kabuki theater, theme restaurants, onsen, more things in Tokyo, Ramen Street, Thai food, Skytree… I can go on and on.

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