May-June 2014 Goings-on

Lets see, what have we been up to lately… Since my friend deserted us to return to her home in the U.S.  We have been keeping around base mostly, gearing up for my step-daughter to be visiting in a few weeks.

On base a few weeks ago they put on a Wine Tasting that was a lot of fun.  There were wines from different countries, with our tickets we could do 10 tastings and there was a large food spread that was pretty impressive.  Good times with good friends and met a few new too!

20140607_195712 20140607_195719 20140607_195747 20140607_195820






We went up to Yokohama for dinner and I found this little booger trying to catch a ride to Hawaii after sneaking off during my friend’s visit, she’s not getting away again!







A couple of weeks ago we went to the International Tokyo Toy Show in a part of Tokyo we had not ventured to yet.  It’s along the waterfront and we decided right away after the train ride that we need to go back and stay the night one weekend to check out all of the stuff over there.

The local train going to the waterfront was a nice ride, very scenic.

20140615_115751 20140615_115821 20140615_120635 20140615_120641 20140615_120824 20140615_121023 IMG_20140615_121150






The toy show was huge!  From building blocks to full size Iron Man and of course anime everywhere.  It was a great day, we both really enjoyed it.  The most remarkable thing was that the huge crowd of people, tons of children, and everyone was civilized, organized and considerate.  There were no kids running around screaming or crying really.  It was incredible.

20140615_121522 20140615_121600 20140615_122001 20140615_124710 20140615_124744 20140615_124825 20140615_124921






Kinda failed at getting any photos inside the toy show but a couple of things I want to hunt down for my collection.  I was too busy looking at everything.   I am a Boba Fett fan…not sure why but he is my favorite Star Wars character.  Dude was quietly badass.

This last weekend we were invited to a Solstice Party at a friend’s house, they live in town and this was our first time in a local home.  The place was great but very Americanized and comfortable.  If we return to Japan for another tour I want to live in town!  The party was fun, good people, lots of chatting and a game played.


That’s about it so far.  We may not do too much between now and the step-daughter arriving since we’ll do a lot with her plus the temperatures are about to get ugly.


Have a command picnic today so I took the day off work, hopefully it won’t be too stinkin hot out there for it.


2 thoughts on “May-June 2014 Goings-on

  1. I heard hat your friend misses you very much and she hopes for you to be returned to Japan so she can return to Japan and experience more with you. You posting these blogs makes me “home sick” for decent and polite people. Miss you and your family over there…so so much!

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