Annual Evaluation – Internal Spring Cleaning 2015

It’s that time of year again.  It is year two anniversary at the job and my evaluation will be coming up, which I went through last year here.  There’s always room for improvement but I’m not sure what I can pin point for discussion with the boss, she will likely ask for this again.

At this point, I feel pretty comfortable with the job.  Sure there are things my colleague tackles that I don’t and maybe should and could learn but it isn’t something I will likely need to do during my final 7 months at this job.

On a personal level, May 1st approaches and this is a very spiritual time of year for me.  It is May Day or Beltane.  It is the beginning of summer and there is a lot of lore associated.  I invite you to search it and dive into the stories, legend and history.  For example, the night before May 1st is a time when faeries return from their winter respite and can cause mischief, so leaving a bit of food and hanging rowan branches on windows and doors was common.  Typically, the celebration of Beltane includes fire, often a bonfire, and flowers as well as Maypole dancing.  It is a night focusing on fertility as well.  There were many babies created during the Beltane fires.

A couple of articles with much of the legend of Beltane and Here, there are many.

Thanks to my friend, Shirley, the ritual for me has taken form as a time to release things that have sat heavy upon me or perhaps a bad habit I want to rid of and cement what I mean to work on during the months leading to Samhain.  What I release is very private so, sorry, I’m not sharing that but my work this Summer is to build better house keeping habits, continue to work on improving my health, and to try not to complain to anyone including internally to myself.  Instead, to find the positive, create a difference or simply release whatever comes up that gives me the itch to complain about.

My life is blessed with a wonderful mate, a few dear and amazing friends, acquaintances that inspire and an interesting, if fractured, family.  I enjoy financial security, emotional support and laughter in my home and a work place that is fairly stress-free with great co-workers.  I am lucky enough to be experiencing a very different culture and hope to continue to until we are no longer able to travel physically.  Of course, there are troubles I suffer with and likely will until the moment I stop breathing but in the end it is a good life and I feel pretty good about how it’s going.

I am also renewing my goal of last year to find a hobby I enjoy that is just for me and not something influenced by someone around me.

From last year I have worked harder on my follow through.  Carrying a notebook with me to keep my daily and long term tasks/goals in mind and actually checking things off definitely has helped.  I’m continuing this practice.

For me this is living intentionally.

Oh…p.s.  I may change the look of the blog soon so some of the older posts may not format the same.  Just fyi

3 thoughts on “Annual Evaluation – Internal Spring Cleaning 2015

  1. Inspiring approach. And I love Beltane (thanks for the link – always interested in learning more). Sounds like you are in a generous and peaceful place – what more can we hope for?

    1. I don’t think I’d say peaceful but striving to be. Thanks for commenting, Beltane is one of my favorites too, the legends and folklore associated are such fun and very spiritual. Plus….faeries. 🙂

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