This Is Paradise?

Recently, I have been hearing such amazing things about a certain place we are likely going to be moving to next.  Raves about it being absolute paradise which got me thinking…what is paradise?  It’s rather subjective isn’t it?

Paradise to me is often not paradise to someone else.  Just as “must see” things to one person doesn’t make the to do list at all to another person.  Why do we as humans tend to assume that Paradise or… the absolute best place to live…would be the same for everyone?

Webster’s Dictionary says:

: a very beautiful, pleasant, or peaceful place that seems to be perfect

: a place that is perfect for a particular activity or for a person who enjoys that activity

: a state of complete happiness

Many people lean to the idea of paradise being a lush tropical island .. ie: Hawaii – which is the place I am referring to here.  Upon further description from said people who have been “envious” of our potential upcoming move, they consider Hawaii to be the best possible place (paradise) and their reasoning is typically:

  • Moderate weather 70’s – 80’s mostly all year.  There is no real Spring, Autumn or Winter there.
  • Sunshine all year.
Not my idea of Paradise
Not my idea of Paradise

This is about the opposite of my idea of paradise.  For me, season changes are beautiful and I love bundling up in the Winter.  Lighting a fire and enjoying a hot drink on a cold, rainy/snowy day is lovely.  I want to walk in the park where the leaves have turned to beautiful browns, reds and golds and there is just a little nip in the air so a jacket and maybe a scarf is needed.  The beauty of Spring after a cold Winter is energizing and uplifting.

To move to a climate that is rather hot, often humid and no end in sight is definitely not my ideal home.

This may sound pessimistic but I am not actually feeling that way. Let me explain…After our quick visit there last week I have experienced what is apparently a very hot Summer for Hawaii but was pleased to see that it does actually rain there.  The flowers I was told to enjoy were rather underwhelming which could have been due to the extra heat or maybe just the end of the bloom season, I don’t know.  But, I did enjoy much of the views and the beaches, the mountains… there is a place for me to enjoy the next few years.  I was happy to find the part of Hawaii we did and know that it isn’t only what other people were reporting it to be.

Now this could work!
Now this could work!

Also, the airport will be close and I will be able to jump on a flight now and then to find some seasonal fun.

  • AMC (free military) flights from there go to San Francisco, San Diego, Japan, and more

In summary, it isn’t what I think of as Paradise but I am going to enjoy living there and honestly there aren’t too many places that I would not enjoy for a few short years. Every place has it’s own beauty and charm doesn’t it…

What is your idea of the perfect place to live?

An aside: links to the sites I borrowed the photos from are attached to said photo…also, for some reason WordPress isn’t letting me preview my post so if it’s wonky…blame them.  🙂

7 thoughts on “This Is Paradise?

  1. My two cents’ worth is that you’ll love it. Paradise or not, I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve spent there except for Waikiki/Honolulu and you’ll be able to avoid a lot of that. When are you guys leaving?

  2. For me, “paradise” is more a fluid state of evolution rather than a static physical destination; but I’m also not a big subscriber to the theory of “passion” you discussed in a recent blog.

    For me, the perfect place to live is with my husband and our dog, welcoming friends and family into our tiny living space, filling it with laughter, memories, tears, successes, failures, and growth…all while living a positively abundant life. I believe that I could accomplish that in any physical location where all of those elements are present.

  3. It’s very true that the idea of paradise is very subjective… But Hawaii is pretty close to my idea of it! I hope that you will find your own bit of paradise in the islands and enjoy your next adventure ^^

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