Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 2

I know I have slacked off on this blog series and honestly the working out slacked off as well.  We (the husband and I) were doing well until our trip to Hawaii at the beginning of the month.  We even took our workout clothes and shoes thinking we’d get at least every other day in at the gym but it didn’t happen.  The truth is we didn’t step foot in the gym in Hawaii.  The only exercise we got was walking the beach a couple of times…which is a good workout honestly but not enough to make me feel better.

The week after returning from our lazy vacation was loaded with hangover, jet lag, PMS and tragedy.  The gym didn’t happen.

However, we pushed to get there this weekend so the workout happened and we are back on track… somewhat.  We signed up for some classes at the gym here too, doing the Les Mills Body Flow tomorrow, will see how that is.

On the plus side I only gained a couple of pounds so I’m hoping that will come off quickly and will be back on track for my new goal of losing a size by our trip to Guam next month.  I know Guam doesn’t sound exciting but we are meeting up with friends (new to me) and looks like I will be getting my first ever snorkeling experience in.

Between now and then we will be hitting the gym, hiking waterfalls, and paying respects to Hiroshima.

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