Overseas to Overseas part 1- Leaving Japan

When we found out we were moving to Europe instead of the US and pretty much forced to take time in-between the travel plans began. 

First, we had to leave Japan which was a sad time for us.  We truly love the country and appreciate all of the amazing experiences we had there.  The friends we made just increased the value of our time there even more.

Apparently Japan didn’t want to let us go.  The plane we were scheduled to be on ended up being delayed for maintenance so we had to wait overnight.  They put us at the lodge on base which was convenient and within walking distance to food and the store.  So, checked in and we headed to the store for toiletries and underwear because I don’t mind wearing the same clothes two days in a row but I am not wearing panties two days!  So now I have travel panties that will always be in my carry-on!  Lesson learned.  After the store we went for drinks, at that point we were pretty strung out.

At 10:30 that night we were called and told we had to be at the terminal by 5 am and our shuttle would be there at 4 am.  Yikes!  So early!

After an hour delay we finally got in the air and our last view of Japan was a big Mt. Fuji out our window.  It was a gorgeous farewell.

The flight was OK but there were some loud children on it that made it difficult to sleep even with noise cancelling headphones on.  So, sleep deprived and almost 9 hours later we landed in Seattle and got on our connection to Houston and Lafayette.  The day long delay meant we had only a few hours to drop off our luggage, repack for our 2 weeks in Tucson and Connecticut, shower and get to New Orleans to our hotel so we could catch our flight the next morning.  Felt super bad rushing off from the in-laws’ house after only a few hours.

Off to Tucson and the start of our 3+ week travel across the U.S.

5 thoughts on “Overseas to Overseas part 1- Leaving Japan

  1. It’s funny how travel plans never end up how you hope they will ^^ I’m glad you survived the first part, and I wish you a safe journey across the US! Welcome back (however briefly!)

  2. The adventure begins anew with each sunrise! It’s always so great to read these experiences and know that you are doing what you want! So few people appreciate that life is lived even in the inconveniences and turmoils that life places in our paths. Live! Experience! And don’t forget to report back!!!

    1. Just rolling with the punches and rejoicing in the good stuff. 🙂

      Reflecting today on the many blessings we have enjoyed on this trip so far. You are one of them!

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