Overseas to Overseas part 2- First Half

Finally arriving in Tucson, Arizona on the 5th of March! We were picked up at the airport by my parents and went to their home to visit and pick up our well missed Mustang to use while in town. I miss that car, is that weird? Maybe so but there it is. They are taking care of it while we are living overseas. Had a nice catch up with the parental units then we were off to check in to the hotel. That evening we met up with my best friend, Jenny, and her life-mate (I call him that cuz they aren’t married but been together for 18 years) and their two kids. It’s always like we just saw each other yesterday with her, can’t explain it.

The next day we did some car maintenance, stopped to get the husband a new cellphone and visited more. That night we met up with my older friend, Julie, and her husband. I have known her since kindergarten, just love her energy and she is another that I feel natural with. Don’t have to be anything but myself around these two women. Love them!

Monday and Tuesday was relaxation, visiting with the parents and we went to see the Deadpool movie. Epic! It was so good to spend some time at what I consider “back home”and the family. They seem to be doing well health wise and keeping busy.

Wednesday we were back in a plane heading to Connecticut to visit friends and spend a fun anniversary week playing in the Northeast. First, we spent two days in the Groton area, exploring Mystic and eating lunch at Mystic Pizza and walking the cute village area. Tended to some errands, and catching up on some rest too. Friday night we went to see Dropkick Murphy’s at the casino and they did not disappoint! Great concert!

Saturday morning we drove to Sandy Hook to meet up with my awesome friend, Shirley, and the three of us sped off to the train station bound for New York City. I had never been and was super excited to go plus to have my friend in on it was a bonus! She is great fun and knows the city well. Big thanks to you my friend, it was wicked epic! The only way it could have been better is if your husband could have made the trip! I may do a post just on the NYC trip since I don’t have easy access to my photos till we get set up in Italy and to share all we saw and experienced – if I can remember it all… (Old phone used as the camera)

Back to her house Sunday so my husband could get snuggle time with their dog…and visit time with Shirley’s husband. He was in such good spirits, it was great to see! Oh and he had quite a meal prepared! Monday was a bonus side trip we didn’t have planned. Figured we would just visit with them all day but she threw out driving to Boston, Mass in there and we couldn’t say no! Neither of us had been to Boston yet and it’s where the Samuel Adams Brewery is. No brainer … We took her up on it and had a GREAT time. Thank you and sorry that ass hit your car on that trip!

Tuesday (15th) we drove back to the Groton area and spent our anniversary at Foxwoods casino, a little underwhelmed by the accommodations but we went to Mystic Pizza 2 for dinner and it was delicious ! On Wednesday we drove to the Submarine museum at the base, very interesting and it was nice to learn more about the husband’s time in the Navy before we met. We walked down at the Groton Longpoint which looks out onto the Long Island Sound. It was pretty and peaceful.

That about wraps up the first half of our trip. It has been packed full but with some relaxing days mixed in. Thanks to everyone who made time to see us, put us up and/or let us use their laundry!

For some reason this WordPress app won’t let me use photos in my gallery so I will just have to do a post later of a photo essay of our trip.

2 thoughts on “Overseas to Overseas part 2- First Half

  1. All ended well, he paid up the entire amount AND sent a nice card and a $50 Starbucks card for being an “a”hole about it. It was great to see you guys and we cannot wait until our next adventure together in Italia!!!!

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