Bullet Point Post

I can hardly believe we are almost at the half year mark!  Time to organize some thoughts:

  • We sign a lease this week and move in a week after, which means I will be back on my desktop computer. YES!  I’ve never really been completely comfortable on the laptop for some reason.
  • With moving from Japan to Italy and a few other changes taking place, I think it might be time for a change for this blog.  It feels a bit all over the place and maybe too many categories, might be time to change the look.
  • I have started studying Italian and hope to jump into that full force.
  • No trips planned just yet, but it’s coming!  The wish list is long.
  • Emotions are a bit extreme right now, more on that on a different post.
  • Been getting back into the gym and sad to say I have gained 5 lbs since leaving Japan.
  • Blood sugar is still fairly decent, will be focusing on lowering those numbers more and removing the diabetes completely.
  • Thought at this very moment:  Cheap nail polish sucks.  (haha I kinda liked adding that, might make it a thing at the end of every post, thoughts on that?)


2nd half of 2016 looks to be epic!


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