Winter Solstice and Christmas Markets

We do love a good Christmas Market area and Europe does not disappoint.  This year we are doing two, Munich and Edinburgh.

Munich was last weekend, I took some photos up until the Grog (basically rum and hot water), then the photos kind of stopped and the giggling and stumbling began.  So, below are the few decent photos taken of our very quick 1.5 day trip to Munich.

We had a really great time, the weather was wonderful.  Just right for December bundling up and hot drinks.

We ate well – Goulash, goose, apple donut things, apple pie filled pretzel and deer burgers.

We drank well – hot mulled wine, hot eggnogg, rum punsch, hot apfelpunsch and kinderpunsch, and the grog.

We walked – Saturday was our only full day there and we walked almost 10 miles.

In a couple of days we will whisk off for a quick weekend in Edinburgh to experience their holiday celebrations.  It is looking pretty amazing.

The 21st of December is Yule – Winter Solstice.  For me this is a turning of the wheel of the year, the shortest day and the hope for the returning of the sun.  We are usually out of town on this holiday and will be this year too but I’ll keep it in my heart and will spend a few quiet minutes in Scotland for a prayer and maybe a solitary walk.  Typically, this is the time to rid myself of anything unwanted or unwise that has been a burden or perhaps led me away from how I hope to live this life.  Then begins the preparing for Imbolc (Feb 1)  which is the start of new things I want to implement.

When we return it will be Christmas and we aren’t normally home for it so this year I think we will be sleeping in, staying in pj’s a bit longer than usual, light a fire, snacking on taglieri (if the market is open), maybe go for a walk then likely cooking a white bean and ham soup for dinner and pumpkin bread for dessert.  Not traditional but right now it sounds good to both of us. haha

This will likely be the last blog post of 2018 so I will extend very happy holiday wishes to you, the few people who read my thoughts, and cheers to a new and wondrous new year.


P.S.  I may do a rant post before the end of the year if I just can’t contain myself any further.  There are thoughts and feelings burning in my breast and itching to be exposed regarding the holiday season, religious correctness and all the things related.  If so, I’ll title it appropriately so you can skip it if you wish.


3 thoughts on “Winter Solstice and Christmas Markets

    1. It was pretty darn good. I haven’t had a bad goulash in Germany, Czech Rep or Slovakia. Might have been the place you ate at maybe or Hungary just failed at goulash skillz.

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