Back In America

Well, the big move from Italy to America happened.  We packed up and moved back to San Diego from Naples and are now getting our new (temporary) home set up with just one more shipping delivery yet to arrive.  Here’s the horrible truth of how it played out:

December 27, 2019 had me sick, to the point of not being able to do anything but moan, blow my nose and cough.   A few days of that had me in the urgent care to make sure it wasn’t bronchitis or anything else that could be treated with antibiotics.  No luck, it was a virus she said and I just had to wait it out and do what I could to minimize the torture.

January 8 we flew out, quick stop in Munich then straight to Los Angeles, yep 12 hours on a plane with my chronic coughing and lack of ability to sleep.  In that first week I got maybe 10 hours of sleep total and I had to get that by sitting straight up, if I started to slump down I would start coughing.

My husband was amazing through it all and even chose seats that had us at the back of the section so nobody was sitting behind us and we were around the corner from the stairs to the bathroom so I could run there if needed and it was so needed.  We made it through the flights well enough and somehow was able to keep from disturbing other passengers too much.  He had to handle everything including the big bags we had because I was just not able to do much to help.

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We arrived in San Diego still on January 8, but basically a day later technically.  Set up at the Navy Lodge for the 2-3 weeks wait for our house to be available.   Oddly enough, I didn’t suffer jet lag because I was so sick during the move and already exhausted.  Silver lining?

January 10, I flew to Tucson to visit the parents and friends and to pick up our well missed Mustang.  Spent the week there and drove the stang back to San Diego on the 19th.  Yep, I was still sick but slightly more tolerable at that point and able to get out and do things but still coughing and the exhaustion was real.  I was still not sleeping through the night, getting 2 hours of sleep at a time in between coughing fits.

And here we are Feb 11th, moved in and almost set up.  Computer is hooked up and soon the job search for me will start.  I am still coughing but it’s down to maybe 2-3 times a day and getting maybe 5 hours of sleep per night for the last week or so.  It has been an experience moving in to a 3 story townhouse while suffering a cough and a month of lack of sleep.

So looking forward to doing interviews while suppressing a cough.  haha

Oh and no…. it is NOT the corona virus.

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