Summer Solstice 2020

Just a quick note of my day today honoring the turning of the wheel, the longest day, Litha.

Today also has the privilege of being my brother’s birthday, a solar eclipse and mercury is in retrograde among a few other things.

It is a high energy day, can you feel it?

We celebrated with a picnic at Balboa Park of berries, sesame sticks, melba toast with herby goat cheese, lemon curd and fruit salad.

We heard birds chirping, a drum and claps keeping a beat nearby for a small group of riverdance practicing, wind in the trees and traffic.

We saw said dance training, trees, birds, a hummingbird flew over and a hawk caught something in the tree just above us. Homeless people wandered by, an arguing couple and a tiny jumping spider.

It was a lovely couple of hours in reflection and being thankful. Summer begins, hopefully the world starts to heal and humans can set aside their differences to make needed change.

Tonight I am making red beans and rice and will do my ritual and tarot reading later.

Tomorrow will be a cleaning day and sage smudge the home.

Blessings to all on this very charged day.

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