Existential Crisis

I’m slowly beginning to wonder if I actually exist if I’m not active on Facebook.

Existential crisis or emo drama queen… you tell me. haha Conversely, have I ever noticed if anyone on my friends list took a break from Facebook without announcing it?

My sphere of influence has cut down to husband, parents, daughter-in-law, a couple of excellent friends and the few active followers here, on Twitter and InstaGram.

Final thought: I’m not actually overly upset about it but I am definitely rethinking a few things and with not being overseas anymore am seriously considering (without giving it much of my time or energy because it is Facebook after all, not life or death issue here) if I’ll return to FB .

Just noting where I’m at presently, dear diary style.


P.S. I do realize with everything going on right now how inconsequential and rather idiotic this post really is but it in no way means I’m not sensitive to current events.

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