Covid Commentary 2 – Facebook Fail

Yesterday I had enough.

My morning routine is generally:

  • Wake Up, head downstairs and give the husband a hug when passing his mancave
  • Get coffee and wake up the computer
  • Log in to Facebook, email and Youtube…some days WordPress
  • Scroll through while having my coffee for about an hour
  • Go for my walk
  • Rest of the day commences.

During my scroll through Facebook yesterday I just got more and more upset at what I was reading. Since this Covid-19 and now the protests and looting, people have increasingly been annoying and disappointing me. I have unfollowed a few people who have been overly posting about the Christian God and/or political messages that are nothing but ignorant attacks on the other party. I normally don’t mind a post here and there about someone’s faith but it has just gotten out of control with a few people and much of it has turned from inspirational messages to hateful attacks on anything other than their faith. The political posts I can normally ignore but it has gotten incredibly stupid, uninformed yelling.

It’s just not what I am on FB for. I’m there to chat, laugh, communicate, uplift and keep in touch with family and friends. Lately, that just hasn’t been happening much. So, I made the decision to take a break from it altogether before I just start unfriending half of my friends list.

I logged off FB on my phone and tablet yesterday. This morning I didn’t log in on my desktop, instead I’m posting here which I have rather neglected since we moved back stateside, so I call it a win so far.

Right now the plan is to keep off Facebook until the Summer Solstice, June 20. I hope to focus more on blogging, my faith, possibly journaling, and just between you and me – I’ve had an interview for a job I really want and have a second interview set up so with some luck and divine guidance, I’ll have a new job to add to my days.

After the 20th, I’ll decide if I want to jump back on or not. Of course, there’s a part of me that wonders how addicted I am to it and if I’ll even make it a few days before checking in to see what’s going on. I hope not but while we were overseas Facebook was my connection to people so I grew rather attached to it. We’ll see.

There is a strange part of me that’s scared to find out nobody cares or notices that I’m not on there. And just knowing that is encouragement to stay off it.

General update:

  • Going for new lab tests today or tomorrow to see if I have brought my A1C down after a few months of exercise and cutting carbs/sugars.
  • While out for that I will stop at LensCrafters and see about a new pair of glasses. The eye doctor gave me two prescriptions, one for distance and one for bifocals but I only had the first done hoping I wouldn’t need the second but after a month or so of the new glasses, I need the second pair. Crone years creeping in.
  • I’ve lost a few more pounds since the last update and am so happy about that although it is making my neck look looser and showing my age a bit more.

And we’ll end this there. haha

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