Officially a Cranky Crone

It’s official, I’ve reached old lady status.

I am sick of putting thought, effort and money into a gift for someone in the younger generations and not even get acknowledgement that they received it let alone a thank you. I don’t care if you like what I sent or not, just let me know you got it and appreciate that I thought of you.

What the hell is wrong with younger people that they don’t show appreciation or respect?  

I blame them a little because it seems to me to be a common decency thing that shouldn’t need to be taught but mostly it’s the parents that created this situation and it’s my generation that have created the young adults that are the worst offenders. I was brought up to send a thank you every time I am gifted or sent something if I can’t give a thanks in person.  Why are parents not teaching their kids this anymore? Or is it that they are teaching it but kids are choosing to not follow that social rule?

Now I know sending a gift shouldn’t be about getting accolades and it really truly isn’t on my part – I truly just love finding and sending things to people I care about. I’m not asking for a big dramatic production. Just letting me know you received it and it isn’t lost in the mail would be great. If you actually like what I sent and give an enthusiastic thank you, that’s bonus.

Obviously, there are some that were raised right and do respond respectfully to receiving gifts but they seem to be few and far between.

If anyone reading this is of that generation, under 30 years oldish and you can explain why it’s ok to not respond to or even acknowledge receiving a gift, please comment. I truly would love to understand the thought process behind it.

4 thoughts on “Officially a Cranky Crone

  1. Some people are never taught to acknowledge gifts or give a formal thank you. I tried to encourage my kids to say thank you. My daughter does an excellent job at it, my son not so good.

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