Covid Commentary 3

I miss lipstick.

Covid rules means I have worn a mask outside the house since March and also means I haven’t worn lipstick, lip liner, lip stain at all and I kinda miss it.

Makeup in general has been going on sparingly the last several months and I really enjoy makeup. I have always loved using different color eyeliners and playing with shadow palettes. In fact, I have a decent collection of lip and eye products … gathering dust. It is one of a very small list of things I can proudly say I think I’m decent at and uses my limited creative brainwaves.

Mostly, it’s on the bench because we aren’t going out much, no dinners out or reasons to dress up a bit and because where I currently work it is a very casual setting where the clients are homeless, jobless (mostly) so I tend to downplay my appearance. Jeans, pants and t-shirts are the dress code and I even switch out my diamond wedding set to a single band on work days because it would feel wrong to me to sport a big rock working with people who have nothing.

Maybe my Autumn mix up will entail getting back to having fun with makeup.

I would really hate to end up throwing products away after they expire having barely used them at all. Wasteful to say the least and they were not cheap. It’s one of the few things I allowed myself to splurge a little on over the years.

And yes I realize this is a stupid and perhaps petty post considering everything going on right now but every now and then I need stupid and petty to get through the day and I miss the good feels I get with a wicked cool look going. Good feels are hard to come by these days.

3 thoughts on “Covid Commentary 3

    1. lol sorry to bring that into focus for you.

      It will be interesting (to me) to see which makeup brands don’t make it through 2020, sales must be dismal. Those with good skin care items will likely make it.

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