This Made Me Smile

I think I’ll do small posts now and then of a thing that made me smile, happy reminders, grateful moments.

Kicking it off with this:

When clearing out a shelf in the small pantry I came across a little piece of happiness that I thought I had seen the last of from Italy. There’s one left:

Pocket Coffee is a common thing in Fall/Winter in Italy, you can get these at convenience stores, markets, pastry/cafe’s, etc. They are little shots of espresso inside a chocolate shell and they are yummy, convenient and something I’ll truly miss. I may have to bother someone in Italy to send me a package to stock up. I have found them here in California at the local Italian shop but the price markup is obnoxious, I can’t justify it.

I thought I was completely out of these so finding this one kind of made my day. I haven’t eaten it yet, it will be consumed reverently.

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