A Cheat Day

Sunday we decided to stop for breakfast at a local donut shop to give the small business our support. Being diabetic, this is not something I do often. I think it has likely been almost 10 years since my last donut…maybe had one in Japan to try their take on donuts.

So, with the case of options in front of me my entire body, mind and soul zeroed in on the apple fritter. Of all the choices displayed it won the day. (the husband got his favorite – boston cream)

Apple fritters are just lucious. To me it’s basically a cinnamon roll with pieces of apple mixed in. It’s not pretty, not extremely sugary to me – but often has a glaze. It’s lumpy and imperfect, has a bit of a crust outside and soft inside, moist (yes I said that hated word).

In searching for a photo online – because I didn’t have time or inclination after picking up and going to a location to eat it, (covid 19 compliant here) to pause to take a photo before devouring it – I found a blogger who posted a recipe so I’m going to “borrow” their photo and link to their post in hopes they don’t mind.

Enjoy and every now and then treat yourself and cheat a little.

Borrowed from Good Food Gourmet.com – link is below.

Good Food Gourmet – Apple Fritter Recipe

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