Road Trip – Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Yes! We finally got out to enjoy some America.

Together with cousins from Louisiana we went adventuring North into Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. All new states for us, so we’re ticking those off the list!

We rented an Airbnb cabin in the woods up near the West gate of Yellowstone for a few nights then moved to a hotel in Jackson Hole to check it out and the Grand Tetons. The weather was perfect, in my opinion, with cool days and cold nights and a little snow lingering on the ground for excellent photo opportunities. A couple weeks before tourist season kicks in was perfect timing too. Not a lot of traffic and we didn’t have to wait at restaurants or too long at the entry gates.

The animals were out for Spring and enjoying some sunshine when they could get it. We saw eagles, bison, elk, deer, antelope, chipmunks, ducks, geese, a moose or two and a grizzly bear. It was so nice to see animals roaming free in such a large area and not caged in a zoo.

We arrived at our cabin ahead of the other two and had a look around. It was a great spot, away from civilization (mostly) and in the pine trees. They had a fire pit which we didn’t use but wanted to, an outdoor covered game area with darts and other outdoor friendly games and a lot of space. It was great!

Our first full day we spent in West and North Yellowstone, entering the West gate and driving up to Mammoth Hot Springs and the North gate. Bison were roaming in the pastures and on the roadside. They definitely have the right of way and know it.

Second day we went in the West gate and headed South to the geysers, Yellowstone Lake and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The Grand Prismatic Spring was my favorite I think. We jointly decided to skip Old Faithful knowing it would be crowded and not know if we were hitting it near the time it goes off. Instead we spent a good amount of time at the frozen over Yellowstone Lake and driving up to the Grand Canyon. It was all beautiful and interesting.

The third day was a schedule down time day. We explored the area near the cabin a bit, did laundry and went to dinner.

Day four we packed up and drove to Jackson, WY via the Teton Pass Hwy and it was an amazing drive! Jackson/Jackson Hole is a cute little tourist town with shops, trendy restaurants/bars, quick eateries and a lot of hotels. Our hotel, the 49er Inn, was just right. A great place to crash for the night and walking distance to most things.

Day five we drove up the scenic road along the Grand Tetons and wow was that an amazing ride. We stopped at Jenny Lake and a few other places along the route. It was truly beautiful and a bit awe inspiring.

It was a great trip and I hope we will go back up there again before we move away from this part of the country.

A shoutout to Gypsy Guide app for the great driving tour through both National Parks. We saw things we might have missed if we didn’t have a guide and the narrator gave little tidbits of information now and then which kept it interesting and was not annoying.

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