Worry Wort Update

Current worries:

1.  My brother from another mother was in the hospital yesterday having heart surgery.  He’s fine and is home today but he’s on the other side of the country so I can’t go see him and I hate that.  Poor guy has had heart issues since he was a teenager.

2.  A friend is preparing to head to Afghanistan soon, I wish her well and hope it is a safe and uneventful tour for her.

3.  Trying to come up with a plan for gathering our two families together for a big party before we head to Japan but waiting for official orders before we make any decisions is driving me a little bonkers.  I’m not good at waiting, though I am a procrastinator .. not sure how that works. =P

4.  Facebook is kinda pissing me off lately, not sure why really but I find myself getting irritated while on it so I haven’t been on it as much lately.  I want to keep in touch with people but it feels rather intrusive at the moment.  Also, it feeds the bad part of my competitive nature with the need to be accepted and liked by everyone.  Oddly enough, I’m not liking a few people there who are on my friends list but find confronting that and removing them just feels like I would be being a nasty bitch and the feeling may be fleeting so acting on it may alienate people who are often a positive influence in my life.

5.  I miss the friendship I had with the woman I used to consider my best friend.  Since we have moved away to different areas of the country and she did some things that I find reprehensible we have reduced the friendship to almost acquaintance level.  I miss her but I can’t condone her actions in the past.  Can I look past them to repair the friendship or do I accept the relationship we have as it is?

6.  My Mother is approaching 80 and seems in good health, what’s my worry?  Is she telling me everything or is she really in good health.   Feelings associated but I’m not going into that here. =P

One thought on “Worry Wort Update

  1. Adding a worry: 7. I have an internet friend who has found herself jobless and now homeless and I worry for her safety and happiness. I hope things turn around for her soon and nothing bad enters her world.

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