The Hunger Games – A different perspective

I finally rented the movie after reading all three books a couple of months ago and other than a few variances they did pretty well with having to squeeze it in to under 3 hours for a movie.  There’s so much detail and activity pumped in to the books, I would have had a hard time deciding what to cut out.  That being said, I don’t know why they changed how she acquired the mockingjay pin.  Pretty significant part of the story in my opinion and it has importance in the other two books.  Perhaps they decided that part was insignificant after all.  mockingjay pin

When I was reading the books and discussed a bit of it with my husband, he was rather unimpressed stating the storyline had been done many times before already, this is just another take on a reoccurring theme.  I suppose he was right but that didn’t bother me, as long as the story reads well and has enough of an edge to remove it from other stories I’ve seen I don’t mind if it follows a common thread.  My husband had little interest in it.

hunger gamesWe finally broke down and rented the movie this last weekend and I put it in to watch Saturday afternoon and my husband left the room announcing he was going to have a nap (he’s fighting off a cold).  So, I watched it alone – which suited me fine since I was weighing it against the book.  Sometimes I am not a fun movie companion when I’m giving off commentary about how it’s different, etc. lol



So, Sunday he put the movie in and within the first 20 minutes I glanced over at him and his face was scrunched up, he looked truly angry.  I asked if he was ok and his response was:  “no, I’m not.  have these people (meaning the movie creators)  heard of the holocaust?  this is the kind of thing that happened over there.”  (I’m paraphrasing but that’s the gist of what he said)  I was stunned.  I had not seen the story from that perspective.  So, I said do you not want to watch this? and he said no, he’s never wanted to watch this movie.  I said, well turn it off then, I didn’t know you felt so strongly about it.  And he turned off the movie before the 24 even got to the Capitol.


And there you have a different perspective to The Hunger Games.


*images are linked to their sources to hopefully satisfy copywriting.

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